Field perspective and intervention in psychotherapy

Interest in a field perspective is growing across the various approaches to psychotherapy. Although conceptualized in different ways, in general it attempts to grasp and thematize what in therapy cannot easily be described as an individual phenomenon or the outcome of the interaction between the worlds of the therapist and client. It brings to focus the contextual and situational elements and forces that influence the emergence of subjective experience and the therapeutic relationship. The field perspective leads us to rethink therapeutic interventions and, ultimately, the therapeutic process itself.

The conference will explore the way in which field perspective changes therapeutic interventions, the conceptualization of the clinical relationship, and how these changes re-create the theories and practices of the various approaches.


Donnel Stern, Giuseppe Civitarese, Michela Gecele, Gianni Francesetti, Paolo Migone, Dan Bloom, Jean Marie Robine, Donna Orange, Susanna Federici, Gianni Nebbiosi, Fabio Rivara, Jan Roubal, Annibale Bertola, Beatrix Wimmer, Julianne Appel-Opper, Monica Botelho Alvim, Inna DidKovska, Myriam Munoz Polit, Dimitri Nadirashvili, Carmen Vazquez Bandin


The conference will be held online on Zoom platform on November 4 - 5, 2022.

The available languages will be English, Italian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Georgian, Chinese.

The last part of the conference will be devoted to group work.

If you are unable to attend live, please note that the entire conference (except for group work) will be recorded. The recordings will be available for all participants for 12 months on a special platform.

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La conférence sera traduite en français.